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24 April – 1 May 2019

Bulletin Number 1


Entry Form and Program Look at the web page ( and enter online. Entries close end Feb 2019.

Administration Fee for your information is required by all entries whether they are flying socially or for competition. The Admin fee covers a host of charges; the venues where you fly, the toilets supplied on the field, shade shelters, medical kits, safety vests, communication equipment in case of emergency aircraft landings, height permission clearances and many other important items, plus your goodies bag.

The Goodies Bag among other special items will contain a metal Nats badge, a 71st Nats decal, and any additional merchandise that you have purchased. It will also contain an MAAA chuck glider for you to present to a local resident or visitor, you can even save it for the grandkids.

An EFTPOS machine will be available on all days for any purchases made.

The Bush BBQ and Night Scramble The scramble starts at 6pm and runs to 7pm. The BBQ will commence at 7.30pm adjacent to the house on the AB field. Bring a chair and a table, it will be much more comfortable. Please get your tickets at registration when you pick up your goodies bag. Numbers will be limited.  Book early!

Celebration dinner will again be at the West Wyalong services club, more information to follow on this.

Camping on the AB Field will be available again but please book in early with Roy Summersby. His number is (02) 4341 0072 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Accommodation in town is usually plentiful but during the nationals it can be scarce. The visitor information centre on the Bland Shire web page is the best place to look.

Location change for F5b and F5J. These events have been trialled on the AB field and will be held on this field at the nationals. Phil Stevenson has put his hand up to run Electric Old Timer. It will be held  on the AB field. More info to follow.

Indoor Flying at the nationals; In order to utilise the West Wyalong Indoor Stadium, we are proposing to run Fun Fly events indoors at the stadium. We are fortunate that MicronWings from Brisbane will have a presence and be able to advise the budding first-time flyers

The flying will occur on four days being Thursday 25th April though to Sunday 29th April

We will have two sessions each day – 2pm to 5pm, and 6pm to 9.30pm.

We do have to be cognisant of pre-planned events as follows.

Friday 26th the F1D and F1L static judging and practice in the daytime, and from 6-9pm the flying competition will be held.    These are the ultra-light weight models and require calm air to achieve their best times. There were only 2 entrants last year, and we can sensibly integrate, particularly utilising other rubber models and light RC.  But rotary wings will have be a no-no on this day. Other flyers will need to give way to F1D and F1L requirements. RC – no problems if flown sensibly.

Saturday 27th the evening session is for Hangar Rat and HLG events. Last year there was much flying and many other rubber models and chuck models were flown, but again, rubber and rotary does not mix so no rotary operations this evening please.  RC – no problems if flown sensibly.

Sunday 28th is the Swap Meet and Auction. The stadium is a double court with seating stands down one side and can adequately accommodate indoor flying too.  Just be sensible.

This does seem that we are against rotary wing. Not so, sensible and considerate operations can see us all exist together. But no FPV please, and walking speed only, then we can all get along. And no larger rotary wings please – these disturb the air too much for other indoor models.

Circuit direction depends much on the model – talk among the flyers at the time, and sort yourselves out.

We will have a couple of Indoor Moderators – sorry, but their requests and considerations are final but will only be made in consideration of enjoyment for all, and safety. 

Directions to AB Field West Wyalong

At the southern end of Wyalong or the northern end of West Wyalong find the road called Clear Ridge Rd. Driving in from the north it is opposite a Landmark store, the store is on the left, Clear Ridge Rd is on the right. If you see the Country Roads motel or the Cameo Motel you missed the road, go back about 200 meters.

Once on Clear Ridge Rd drive 13.90kms, about 10 minutes, the gate is on the right-hand side we will have a sign up for you. Follow the drive to the club house. The house is not visible from the road

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Contact Details; Coordinator Terry Bond email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. mob 0417 027 579. Registrar Gary Pope email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We will a release bulletin 2, end of January.